10 Fashion Brand of South Korea

South Korea is one of the country’s fashion style is pretty much imitated and frowned upon. No wonder, if the fashion in the country is rapidly changing and keeping track of trends.

10 Fashion Brand of South Korea

Therefore if went to visit Seoul, you must set up a few pieces of clothing that suits the conditions and trends of fashion in there. So that no one style, check out 10 fashion brand who loved in South Korea.

1. 8seconds

“Spain have a Zara, Korea has the 8seconds, ” said Sujin Yang, editor of one of the most famous fashion magazine. The statement above is not redundant because the 8seconds provides a variety of clothing that you can choose to suit your taste. Starting from blouses, jackets, leggings, to dress.

8seconds was inaugurated in February of the year 2012 by a subsidiary of Samsung Cheil industries, named as contenders for a famous fashion brand already appear first. Reserved price, 8seconds equivalent to Forever21.

2. Lucky Chouette

Lucky Chouette presents a wide range of types of fashion design Kim Jae Hyun. This store is even accessible via the line via the designer himself. The project was launched by the Government in Seoul to promote the design of Korea designers. This store provides fashion with silent long and thick and looks relaxed, oversized blouses, short skirts, and fashion print motif.


3. Steve j. & Yoni P

After her debut at the London Fashion Week of the year 2007, this duo has fans in Korea directly South. The design is in the form of dresses with florals and stripes a favorite this season.


4. Beyond the Closet

This is menswear label designer Ko Tae Yong. Launched in 2008, the line was issued clothing sports such as baseball jackets, sports jackets, and men’s work clothing. This line also makes sales through its website to facilitate customers make a purchase.


5. Jain Song

Before launching his collection in 2004, Jain Song had success working with various brands of the fashion world. He also managed to change the view of South Korea does not allow women to use the mini skirt. This store also has an online shop and since its launch quickly became popular among young people.


6. Reike Nen

Founded in 2010, by designer Rei Hong Yoon Mi, Reike Nen presents a collection of classic shoes. The collection such as wedges and sandals identical to the color palette of white, black and other neutral colors. Shoes at this store claimed the shoe is light and comfortable to use.


7. Style Nanda

This fashion brands move quickly became the most popular fashions in South Korea. Now Style Nanda is the brand into two of the most sought by tourists who come to Korea. Style Nanda first came out as an online shop that sells used clothing, then began issuing its own fashion and being seeded third in Korea.


8. PartspARTs

“Life is short, long PartspARTs.” that’s the slogan that is owned by this fashion brand. The brand is a reflection of various his background that includes movies, art, and contemporary dance. In this line of clothing using jersey processed using technology designed to minimize waste.



MVIO created for men who want to look stylish. With casual yet creative designs as well as traditional pieces and an aggressive style. This brand is led by Creative Director of a subsidiary of Samsung, Cheil Industries, Han Sanghyuk.


10. The Studio K

This brand has a collection that is minimalist and elegant. Inspired by the algorithm and technology. Therefore this brand is often referred to as “Korea Marni “.

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