16 This Dress That You Must Have

Look beautiful and fashionable is a dream many of us. Unfortunately, it appears fashionable can suck up a lot of costs. We sometimes have to undo the intention to buy clothes we liked, simply because the cost is prohibitive. Our desire to look interesting persists.

Now you don’t have dizzy again. There is a way to keep your appearance so classy without being wasteful. The key is you have to see what the clothes are indeed mandatory you have and what are the actual shirt doesn’t need you have. If you already have 16 fashion items below, you can directly incorporate them into your heart.

1. The White Shirts of High-Quality

17 This Dress That You Must Have
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A white shirt is one fashion item that you should have. This one’s clothes will make you look elegant and classic without much effort.

In addition, the white shirt you can also wear to various events, whether it is formal or casual. Have a white shirt with a light chiffon material, cool, and gentle on the skin.

2. Basic Color Tank Top

17 This Dress That You Must Have
Basic tank top black color via www.allaboutami.com

If you have a lot of clothes made from chiffon tank top is your Savior. Clothes made from chiffon usually transparent. Of course, you don’t want your underwear visible to others.

Please wear a tank top as clothing upholstery so that your underwear is not visible from the outside. Choose a basic color like black, white, and gray so that any neutral color shirt.

3. Neutral Color Cuff

17 This Dress That You Must Have

For you who are veiled, have the cuff with the basic colors like black and beige is a must. This will be a lifesaver cuffs you like the clothes that you are wearing has sleeves that are short and don’t close your nakedness.

Search made of cotton so that even though the clothes piled up, you still feel cool. This cotton material can absorb sweat you well.

4. Dark Color Blazer

17 This Dress That You Must Have

Blazer indeed becomes compulsory for clothes you guys are already working but for who was in College, have a blazer is a great advantage. Normally you like lazy using blouses because the material is hot and want to wear a sweatshirt but stuck to the rules of the College. With only 1 of these items, you can instantly change the appearance of casual becomes formal.

You can still wear jerseys and wear the blazer as a finishing touch to keep it uncluttered. For you who are veiled, the blazer can also be external. Choose dark-colored blazer so that suitable for use with any color blouse or t-shirt and still look professional as well.

5. Dark Color Jeans

17 This Dress That You Must Have

Though originally used by miners in America, currently the jeans have become high fashion clothing worth. “Flexibility” of jeans be a plus that makes this outfit is so important.

You can wear jeans at the event and under any circumstances such as lectures, a street with my friends, family, even to the event invitation. Have jeans with a base color and a dark color for various events.

6. Breton Stripes

17 This Dress That You Must Have

For you who don’t know, Breton stripes it was a t-shirt with horizontal stripes motif. Breton stripes are very suitable for use on various occasions and are easily combined with any subordinate to.

The horizontal motifs timeless will not make you look left out even though its stripes quite a lot. You will still look casual and elegant at the same time.

For you, a big-bodied, don’t be afraid it will look increasingly wide use of Breton stripes. Choose a motif with the distance between the lines is quite wide. With this, you will look slimmer.

7. Plain Sweatshirt

17 This Dress That You Must Have

Sweatshirts are indeed mandatory items for fashion you have, just as jeans. Jerseys, especially that of plain, very flexible for you that blends with any.

You will never look weird with this. Just combine your sweatshirt with jeans, skirts, cardigans, blazers, even with shirts, these things still look nice and fit. But, choose neutral colors to match any color, such as white, black, blue, and red.

8. Little Black Dress

17 This Dress That You Must Have

The whole world seems like women required to have fashion items on this one in the closet. Little black dress that’s just knee throughout this very easy for you to combine with a variety of accessories, hairdressing, make-up, to bags and shoes. You will get a luxury style without having to spend much.

9. Dress Knee-Length

17 This Dress That You Must Have

In addition to the little black dress, you also need to have another knee-length dress, patterned or plain with a neutral base color. This dress you can wear while relaxing in style but still want to look feminine and fashionable. You can add a cardigan and necklace as a sweetener.

10. Sweaters

17 This Dress That You Must Have

Sweater remains compulsory clothing that there should be in your closet. You can choose plain or patterned sweaters are cute for the casual style but still fashionable.

Usually, sweaters became the choice when you need to be stylish but lazy wear blouses with ingredients that are less comfortable. Combine your favorite sweater only with jeans model pencil and permits with flat shoes or your favorite high heels shoes.

11. Cardigan

17 This Dress That You Must Have

Want a plain or patterned cardigan, still required in your closet. Cardigan will make your plain clothes become more fashionable and chic. The material any more comfortable than with a blazer, so you can wear it as a dress every day.

12. Knee-Length Pencil Skirt

17 This Dress That You Must Have

Pencil skirt has a value fashion barely owned by other items, namely, fashion can make you look sexy and classy at the same time.

Select the pencil skirt with a length which almost covers your knees and not too tight, but the coat you well. Pair with your favorite shirt or blouse and wear your best high heels shoes to bring a classy impression to a higher level.

13. Bra Without shoulder strap

17 This Dress That You Must Have

If you like wearing a party dress that newfangled kemben, bra without shoulder strap required in your closet. Just imagine if you wear a bra with the shoulder strap as usual. People can know what is the color of your bra. Hence, bra without shoulder strap is necessary for you to have your party dresses as a Savior. You can also perform a graceful with a maximum.

14. Little Belt

17 This Dress That You Must Have

The belt doesn’t just help tighten your pants that greatness but also as accessories. The belt can make your display at one level more fashionable.

Select the small belt is brown or black and wear as accessories when you wear a knee-length dress. This will give the sleek effects on your body.

15. Clutch Bag

17 This Dress That You Must Have

How does it feel if to a party must carry a large bag? Therefore, you need to at least have 1 clutch bag in your wardrobe. Find out what you usually take it when the party and make it a reference point in buying a clutch bag. Choose a neutral color so that you can combine with any color dress.

16. Flat Shoes

17 This Dress That You Must Have

Got a pair of flat shoes is indeed a must for women. This type of shoe you can use in a variety of mood and circumstance.

You will not hassle, let alone made uncomfortable because these types of shoes have a pedestal which is quite tender. Used for walking away was not a problem. Please select the flat shoes of neutral-colored, such as black, Brown, and gray that can fit in with any color.

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