5 Moments Fashion Greatest in 2016

Towards the end of the year, it is time we look back to the most important moments in the fashion world for 2016.

Different from previous years, fashion at this year’s dare to talk about politics, entering new areas that were never touched before, and lost one of the figures that are difficult or even will never be replaced.

5 Moments Fashion Greatest in 2016

5 Moments Fashion Greatest in 2016

1. The concept of Fast Fashion

This indeed could not be postponed again. Advances in technology and the internet have been democratizing fashion industry. Now, anyone who has money can buy clothes despite the end of the world though and they want it now.

As a result, designer of iconic fashion designer-such as Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, Rebecca Minkoff, Tommy Hilfiger changing business strategies and immediately selling them after the draft is displayed in a fashion show.

Earlier, a fashion show featuring clothes that will be sold in the next season or six months later.

2. The rise of Fashion in Cuba

With the warmth of the Cuban relations with outside countries like the United States, Chanel staged a fashion show in the Communist country.

To carry out missions that were previously thought to be impossible this, fashion designer, Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, fly 700 people to Cuba.

In addition to the fashion show, Cuba also asked the designer Christian Louboutin accessories to create a uniform national team poolside dining terrace.

3. The Departure of Bill Cunningham

Maybe a lot of people in the fashion world who knew the name of Bill Cunningham.

However, this figure is a legend in the fashion world. At the age of 87, street fashion photographer this reliable died on 25 June 2016 and leave a big scar in the fashion world.

To give the award for his work, the photographer who covered the “New York Fashion Week’s” blue jacket this year which is the hallmark of Cunningham.

4. Pink Blouse Melania Trump

More vocal than ever before, now fashion has been used as a woman’s voice to the world’s political opined. However, it seems the Melania did not get the same memo.

Performing in the second U.S. presidential candidates debate, Melania spotted wearing a pink blouse with Ribbon model pussy bow.

On another day, maybe nothing will bother with Melania mode selections. However, the appearance is less than 48 hours since published a recording of Donald Trump said that he reaches for the woman in public, “grab them by the pussy”.

5. Hillary Clinton’s fashion Suit

When the previous is an example of bad fashion in the world of politics, now Clinton’s good example. Although at first glance it looks, fashion suit Clinton becomes his trademark during the U.S. presidential election, 2016.

In fact, the fashion setting the trend in the tagĀ into Twitter to provide support against Clinton, #PantsuitNation and #WearWhiteToVote, in addition to the tag #ImWithHer.

Thanks to Clinton, white suit in United States sales skyrocket dramatically ahead of the U.S. presidential election 2016.

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