7 Colors Suitable For Dark Skin

You are not confident to wear bright colors because have dark skin? Bright colors are not only for those who are fair skinned. You can perform dazzling duskily skinned without monochromatic colors.

You just need to choose the appropriate color for your skin. Here’s some of the bright colors of your dark skin would glow.

1. Cobalt blue

7 Colors Suitable For Dark Skin
Kerry Washington in cobalt blue dress Theybf.com

Who What Wear suggest cobalt blue color accentuate luster of healthy skin your dark. Like the blue dress was worn by Kerry Washington. Look elegant and not tacky.

2. Red

7 Colors Suitable For Dark Skin
Jourdan Dunn with red dress Stylebistro.com

Who says red is only suitable for a contrasting white skin? Rihanna and the renowned supermodel Jourdan Dunn is some dark-skinned celebrities whose hobby is wearing red. Instead of being excessive, they look thus looks elegant. Select a slightly darker red color such as Maroon and dark red.

3. Emerald Green

7 Colors Suitable For Dark Skin
Kelly Rowland in the emerald green dress Fashion-eye.net

According to the All Women Stalk, emerald green is a color that is suitable for all skin types, including those that are dark.

4. Fuchsia

7 Colors Suitable For Dark Skin
Rihanna in shades of fuchsia Buzz Photo/REX

Fuchsia also include bright colors that make the skin tone dark or bright look more radiant. Not to be confused with the color shocking pink, Yes. The pink color too flashy like this makes your skin look darker.

5. Tangerine

Colors Suitable For Dark Skin
Illustrated dress color tangerine Theybf.com

The Huffington Post suggested the color tangerine to those brown skinned and dark. Shades of Orange is also suitable for makeup because it can make the skin look fresher.

6. Purple

Colors Suitable For Dark Skin
Nicole Scherzinger in a bandage dress purple Theultralinx.com

Shades of purple are suitable for darker skin. You can choose the color purple, magenta, violet, or plum to brighten your appearance.

7. Yellow

Colors Suitable For Dark Skin
Illustration of yellow saffron dress GoRunway.com/Alessandro Viero

The yellow color is also suitable for the dark skin you. Just look at the models above. Looks bright and fresh.

Maybe that’s a few shades of bright colors that are suitable for your dark skin. Choose which best suits your personality.

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