Articles on Fashion Trends in Prancis

Articles on Fashion Trends in Prancis – A number of well-known labels such as Alexander McQueen, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, and Balmain have already showcased their latest collections for the summer next year. Some of them reaped praise and positive acclaim.

From the ranks of designers and labels showcasing the design this time around, there are some who show up to steal the attention. Summarized from a number of sources and AFP, the following four trends most of the heat from the stage of Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018:

1. Accentuate the Body

If in the past two years the world fashion stage is always decorated with the models immersed in hoodies, coat or trouser Department ‘ greatness ‘, this year’s trendy thus began to shift. The title of the Paris Fashion Week s/s 2018 so evidence that ready-made clothing, with beautiful pieces, form a dent the body would become a trend again next year.

Even Virgil Abloh, through Off-label White which is currently so popular with the young, it comes with dozens of collection blazer and dresses in Collar suit.

Without leaving the element of immediacy, Abloh managed to steal the attention by trying to blend pants leggings that are usually used for cycling with the double-breasted blazer inspired similar colored style dress, Princess Diana.

Articles on Fashion Trends in Prancis – Accentuate the body

2. Black and white Shades

Although summer is always synonymous with bright colors, or a beautiful pastel color, this year many of the fashion label that once used the dominance of black and white for their summer collection.

Starting from Saint Laurent, Balmain, Off-White, Isabel Marant, Yohji Yamamoto, Junya Watanabe, and Lanvin.

Shades of grey-silver also dominate most of the design of Guillaume Henry to labels Nina Ricci. Used to make coats and military jackets safari inspired by French army uniform, complete with his hat which they call the kepi.

Articles on Fashion Trends in Prancis – Black and white Shades

3. A new Level of Sports Clothing

The latest collection of brand Koché on the stage of Paris Fashion Week s/s 2018 is one of the most steals the attention. Christelle Kocher as creative director managed to bring clothes jersey, who had been used by football players to different levels.

Kocher creating the midi dress made by blending sportswear garment pieces, then add lace for the feminine impression. Also experiment with adding a Sequin, by forming a specific pattern on a jersey guy.

On the sides are different, Veronique Leroy gave different spirit with the use of unusual materials on clothing-summer fashion, such as a swimsuit made of wool with a bright green color, or a scarf used as a subordinate but added the effect of fringe.

Not only that, the usual faces are seen in the gridiron ever undertook to decorate the show designers. Like Xavi and Dani Alves, player football club Paris Saint-German, who sat in the front row of the Balmain show.

Articles on Fashion Trends in Prancis-A new Level of Sports Clothing

4. The power of the original designers of Japan

‘ Madness ‘ designer origin Japan indeed has always had its own place for fans, including the stage a fashion show at Paris Fashion Week.

This time Junya Watanabe comes with one of his best designs. Create dresses with unusual pieces, with the effect of waves and folds. Use local production with a variety of colored black and white motif he created along with home textiles origin Finland, Marimekko.

With the addition of accessories such as necklaces, spiked hair, mohawk settings as well as a collection of Watanabe touted as a revolution in the life of the House of punk.

Articles on Fashion Trends in Prancis – The power of the original designers of Japan

Meanwhile, not far from a selection of clothing is black, Yohji Yamamoto showing 40 collections, dominated by dresses made from sheer. The sensual effect of gothic style is carried.

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