Articles on Fashion Trends in Sweden

Articles on Fashion Trends in Sweden – Sustainable fashion or literally  sustainable  mode is the more highly touted trend in fashion globally.

Its shape can be varied, it could be from the use of materials that are good for the environment or also a concern for the workers of fashion.

Sweden fashion brand is one of the driving force of sustainable fashion is very progressive.

There are three brands that appeared in Sweden the event show Fashion Week this time and all three have a mission involving the sustainable fashion.

1. Uniforms for the Dedicated

Brand specializing in menswear line it indicates a very high concern for the environment. They are always innovating by using materials that are good for nature.

For a collection that appeared in JFW, brand it uses unique materials such as biopolymer created from plastic.

Articles on Fashion Trends in Sweden – Uniforms for the Dedicated

2. House of Dagmar

Not only use material that is good for the environment, Sweden origin brand also showed concern at the people who are behind the fashion label.

By creating a work atmosphere and give a prize to the makers of this brand clothing, help the welfare of the perpetrators of the fashion industry.

Articles on Fashion Trends in Sweden – House of Dagmar

3. Hope Stockholm

Hope is a fashion label in Sweden that was created in the year 2001, by designer Ann Ringstrand and Stefan Söderberg. This brand has the characteristic that accentuates the personality of its users so that his work is often one of a kind.

Since collections Spring 2017, this label introduced the wearing of the double label for men and women. It is the Mission of Hope to introduce the use of unisex, without differentiated by gender.

Articles on Fashion Trends in Sweden – Hope Stockholm

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