How To Become a Fashion Designer

Fashion is an interesting thing to be discussed in terms of any kind. In terms of the consumer, they are always interested to use and follow the developments that occur. Especially if there is a unique fashion product, cheap, and good quality.

In terms of the designers, is certainly interesting as well given its market share that certainly extends and never run out (of course because the number of human beings is always incremented). A padded if opportunities to penetrate this industry.

How To Become a Fashion Designer
How To Become a Fashion Designer

Various ways are to get involved in it. A diverse range of professions and business can be pursued. Some of it is to be a fashion designer (Designer), fashion journalists, stylists ‘ fashion ‘, and so on. In this article, which will be discussed are details about how to become a fashion designer.

A successful designer is a dream of many people. Not just a couple guys who want to be a designer. For novice designers, they are often confused as to where to start.

Often they feel have the talent in the field of fashion or interested in fashion. But after that, the question that arises is, “what should I do next?”.

In this article we will answer these questions and please refer to the good care of the steps below :

1. Determination of high

Before stepping to the next stage, the first stage of this is stuff that should be well thought out in advance determined height.

Again ask yourself a desire to become a designer. Whether the desire really comes from the heart, or merely a bandwagon, or due to chance and a promising business opportunity. By answering these questions, you will know how and where to be stepped up.

If the desire to become a designer comes from the heart and it is boredom, you don’t need to find the motivation and will certainly continue to fight. Yet another reason to be if designers came from outside parties. Asked the old man, for instance, need to be found a strong motivation to keep striving on the line will be selected because basically the line not part of yourself.

Out there, many once a successful fashion designer. They have everything, popularity, wealth, and skill. But the need to note is the many who did not the success that his name was never mentioned in history. Everyone is vying to be the best. Once again, Bertekadlah and do not waste time. If it becomes a desire, soon developability. However, if due to the encouragement of others, find the motivation or leave.

2. Develop Traffic

After confirmation of intention, the next step is to develop the ability. If you want to be a successful fashion designer, ability to develop is the first thing that must be done. A successful designer has a myriad of capabilities related to fashion. Not only the extent of mixing colors or good at drawing. But more than that.

Being a fashion designer means must have a variety of basic capabilities. Basic capabilities a must posse is good at drawing, have the ability and the color selection is nice, being able to visualize the concept in three dimensions, and mechanical ability such as sewing and cutting out all types of fabrics. Perisapkan of the above as early as possible, as young as possible.

That needs to be underlined is the mechanical ability, cutting, and sewing. This ability is usually not born because of talent but because of exercise. You can follow the course of sewing or study with a friend who can sew. Understand also the properties of fabrics. Understand how the reaction if such materials are used, whether the cause of the heat for the wearer or not, as if the wearer a lot of motion, are quickly tangled or not, and so on.

3. Learn comprehensively from existing designers

Learn about the designs that were made by the designers. But don’t just learn the concept only. Learn about their backgrounds, how their schemes, the learning process is done, where they learn, and others. By knowing this, will help you to give birth to the inspiration.

4. Learning More

If there is a chance, take a college with a major in fashion or short course that is associated with the designer. It will help improve the capability of any real effect because of the environment. If you want College, FDIM, and Parsons School of design is the most popular in the United States. A lot of the material to be learned there, namely drawing, color and composition, pattern making, and decking. Other advantages, most schools fashion worked with the fashion industry so as to enable their students to work in the company.

If you don’t have the opportunity or the limitations of cost, submitted proposals for internships in the fashion industry. Create a pretty impressive portfolio for the company. But don’t be hurt if they give a rough job. You have to want a little heartened accept this even though you have more capabilities. Sometimes companies treat because to Test Your zeal to work there. At least the relationships and networks already had.

5. Specify Areas of Fashion is all the Rage

A person cannot master all things. Mathematical scientists, not necessarily experts in the field of physics. So did the opposite. They can all science, it can be ascertained that the knowledge which is owned not enough depth. Do a specialization of the one thing.

There are four areas in the world of fashion. The field i.e., haute couture, ready-to-wear, leisure gear, and mass market. Of the four areas above, then you must also select into sub-areas. Sub-field which will then become your focus. Sub-divided into diverse fields such as fashion ladies fashion, menswear, kids, accessories, sportswear, and others. To find out what area that became a passion, required a long journey. Browse one by one all the fields. Each has its own uniqueness.

6. Do Simple Planning

Before exploring all areas of fashion, usually, someone already has an interest or its own strengths in one area. It may just be Your master in the field of accessories, or you will feel satisfied if designing clothing for women. This is an important key to the determination of the areas of fashion that will be pursued. The next step is to do a simple planning related to this power. The planning more toward market demand that is products like what could be acceptable.

7. Prepare Yourself For the Plunge in the World of the Fashion Industry

Before entering into the world of fashion, perform an assessment of your abilities. Do assessment honestly, do not impose themselves in order to be accepted in the fashion industry. Learn more section which is not yet understood. It is a given that competition in the field of fashion is quite tight. You can just love fashion but fashion is only one small piece in the world of fashion.

More than just knows, a lot of other abilities that are ‘ invisible ‘. A lot of things going on in the fashion industry. The ability is not seen it as good communication, ready to work very hard, are capable of accepting criticism, able to adapt to a wide range of clients and bosses, and demands high discipline.

8. Suitable and Unsuitable

Before stepping further, know this match or mismatch. A profession as designers is suitable for You if you have the following reasons. First, this work is a work that will be pursued in the long term. Second, the uncertainty is not a big problem because it believed that what was done was right. Third, you always have brilliant ideas and fresh. Fourth, was able to listen to the client properly. Fifth, you live, eat, breathe with fashion.

This profession is not suitable for you for the following reasons. First, you can’t control the pressure well. Second, the uncertainty should be avoided. Third, the desired career is mediocre, not too busy but also not too idle. Fourth, the praise is the things you enjoy doing. Fifth, do work with directives and instructions is more comfortable than without instructions. Sixth, many things become an interest other than fashion.

Were the part you? First or second? All the decision is in your hands. The world of fashion is a world that is always evolving and dynamic. Therefore, it is also a dynamic and truly creative.

9. Learn the Business Side of Fashion

Become successful designers not only requires talent and creativity. Talent and creativity are indeed very necessary, but that alone is not enough. Complete with your expertise by studying business and marketing. Lest you miss information. As a reference, read fashion journals such as ‘ women’s Wear Daily ‘. Most of the fashion Department is on track to College, taught business and marketing.

10. Do Not Only Study Design

In the fashion industry, there is a chain of interrelated. Each person has their own specialty. You have to learn who is working on what. Learn also what they are working on. Notice how the journalist fashion work, notice how marketing works, notice how ‘ fashion stylists ‘ work. Thus, you will have a deeper understanding of intact against the fashion industry. You are also able to see the events from their point of view.

11. Understand Consumers Well

This section is not to be missed if you want to be a successful designer. Understand what price willing to be paid for a product, understand how to style them, find out where their usual shopping, find out what it is liked and what is not liked. Know also the stuff what is needed and what is desired. If you manage to understand instead, you’ll know what needs must be met.

12. Understand Competitor Well

Although not as important as consumers, competitors are not to be ignored. Always update the information on what the competition is doing. The world of fashion is one of the business worlds with tough competition. However, the competition is going to be interesting if done in a healthy and not mutually destroy.

13. Find Job Information Designers

Before being satisfied with its own brand, you need to taste the experience to work with others. After science and capital are considered enough, then you can apply yourself to your own business. This information can be obtained from various sources. From advertisements in newspapers, internship opportunities, opportunity from campus, and other information.

14. Manage Finances Properly

If you decide to work on your own, consider the flow of finance. At least pay attention to the money flow out and the money flow in. This seems trivial but quite troublesome. It is strongly recommended to hire an accountant. But of course, you have to spend more money for the payment of salaries.

15. Be Realistic

The world of fashion is a dynamic world. In this case, you have to be willing to switch to follow developments. Do not be too idealistic and impose themselves. For example, useless sell clothing with a very high quality and detail seams are quite high but not strategic sales locations or even on the outskirts of the city.

If you live in a location that does not match the field of fashion is pursued, don’t be too imposing to keep selling the product. There are two options taken, you are moved to a suitable place or find a creative way to distribute your products.

16. Use of the Internet

To encourage the promotion of your product, use the internet facilities. You can use it to sell many works and products are already made. Thus, the place is no longer a constraint. While living in Indonesia, you still can produce winter clothes and sell them to parts of the world in need.

In an era that now there have been many famous boutiques but with its wings with its online. Well-known brands are also using the internet to post their works such as Dolce and Gabbana. The Internet can be utilized as a showcase of unique and beautiful. Therefore, the design must also be informed in order to be able to attract the interest of visitors.

17. Live in the city of fashion

It would be better if you have the opportunity to stay in the city of fashion. As the saying goes, “the seller of the perfume will smell fragrant.” This shows how great the influence of the environment. A bit much in town fashion will increase Your creativity and competitiveness.

The city anywhere that’s right for the home and have the atmosphere that once ‘ fashion ‘? Based on a survey conducted GLM (Global Language Monitor) in the year 2012, the city is the foremost fashion city in the world. The city of London, New York, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Mexico City, Rome, Milan, Sao Paulo, Berlin, and Los Angeles.

18. Create a Portfolio

The portfolio is very necessary if you will be applying for a job or an internship to become a designer. If the business itself, the portfolio also needed to appeal to the client who will be buying clothes and also investors who want to work with you. The portfolio should showcase the best work ever made. No need to display many works best, however, is slightly better than many yet.

There are some things that should be included are included in the portfolio. Among them, namely the work, skills, creativity, hand sketches, sketches with the computer, resume, the concept offered, color and pattern, and other things that are considered informative. The design of the portfolio should be made simple but elegant and uncomplicated. It is intended in order to make it easier for the reader.

It turns out that after further review, it becomes a profession Designer is not as difficult as imagined. It takes hard work and creativity that don’t get snuffed out. Still interested in becoming a designer? The answer should be still! Profession and any business that, definitely requires hard work and struggle.

With hard work, the results achieved will not be his responsibility. Like Coco Chanel, to this day he is still remembered and their products are still the number one in the world even though he had none.

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