Countries With The Best School Uniform

Every school in different countries have the hallmark on each of his school uniforms. There is a uniform school which uses the calm colors, there is also a school uniform designed unique and funny and there’s even a uniform made fashionable.

The following is the school uniform from several countries:

1. Korea Selatan

School uniform is one of South Korea’s culture that is interesting to be listened to. This is because of those in school uniform model of stylish and different for each school.

Almost all middle school students first and over there wearing uniforms that are called Gyobok. The typical uniform of South Korea usually consists of shirt, blazer, and tie, with a skirt for female students and trousers for male students.

They were released to question the selection of shoes and socks. As for the elementary school students belonging to the Government, does not have a uniform, except for a few private schools.

Fashions: Korea Selatan

2. Jepan

Japan is famous for her sailor uniform. This uniform is sometimes worn as casual wear, even for those who have already graduated from high school.

Japan girl school uniform suit, complete with a black blazer with a short skirt that looks sweet, with SOCKS worn almost knee-length.

The design of the stylish, neat piece, as well as accessories to make school children display always look fashionable.

Fashions: Japanese

3. Taiwan

Uniforms for every school has different rules, as well as Taiwan. Taiwan has a policy that is quite unique and different from other countries about school uniforms.

Own liberating Taiwan high school students (HIGH SCHOOL) to determine their own uniforms. It made a number of schools freed had to wear clothes in accordance with their wishes.

Special uniforms are used only at a particular moment as the first day of school, school graduation and the birthday of the school as well as in certain events. Students must use clear skirt for female students and trousers for male students.

Fashions: Taiwan

4. Thailand

Thailand has a school uniform that looks pretty good, a simple color selection, become appendages of their students who attend school in the land of the white elephant.

School uniform in this country using the colors specified by the Government of Thailand that is black and white. In general school uniform was created to create uniformity among one another.

In addition to train order and discipline, but changing times which makes the function of school uniforms turned into a lifestyle. Although many schools are trying to enforce rules such as the length of the short skirts, tight uniforms and so forth, the Association and what views adolescents is becoming a cool thing, and it becomes a trigger for modifying his school uniform.

The length of her skirt just until the top of the knees, but there was also a rupture length model and up to the top of the knee.

Fashions: Thailand

5. Paris

Notre Dame High School is an International School is a private High School American international network received an American-based curriculum and French eventually graduates will be appointed to a high school Diploma in the United States.

The prestigious bilingual school located in Paris makes his school uniform was used as a container to transmit the sense of fashion.

Fashions: Paris

6. Australia

School uniform at Macquarie Grammar School in Sydney is one of the prestigious school uniform schoolgirl sisters looks so interesting.

By bringing together the tartan skirts above the knee with a white shirt, suit and tie worn by female students, coupled with transparent black stockings, making an appearance that truly endearing.

Fashions: Australia

7. Canada

School uniforms their students are not so unique. Above the knee skirt with tartan style making their students look innocent and cute.

Fashions: Canada

8. Uzbekistan
The country has a population of productive age is great, even dominate. About 60 percent of the people aged under 25 years. No wonder schools there have a number of students very much.

School uniform schoolgirl schoolgirl-in Uzbekistan did not lose sweetness with a wrap of a school uniform appropriate polite, with a mix of blue and white.

Fashions: Uzbekistan

9. Inggris

See uniform it will certainly be remembered with the Harry Potter films. The combination of superior, green tartan mini skirt, with boss suits and stocking, make this girl-girl looks so cute and funny.

This uniform is almost similar to the uniform schoolgirls uniform, Australia-schools in the United Kingdom also has a similar view.

Fashions: United Kingdom

10. Jerman

Germany alone has a school uniform that dominates the red, with a white shirt and a red blazer plus makes this uniform look more striking.

Fashions: Jerman

11. Shanghai
Shanghai himself used uniform black in color, with a white shirt coupled with long black skirts plus with a red tie. The bag they use similar but not the same.

Fashions: Shanghai

12. Mexico

Mexico is the only one who chose uniform with green color. With short sleeved shirt combined with the green vest with the gray skirt made an appearance this look cute students.

Fashions: Mexico

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