New York Fashion Week From 2018 To Black Panther and Claw Clip

February and March are the most awaited moments by lovers of the fashion world. During a full moon, fashion lovers are spoiled by the trend instructions strewn from the stage-the stage a la fashion week opened in New York, changed to London, Milan, then closed in Paris.

As long as a week, 8-16 February 2018, fashion lovers the world’s attention riveted on the runways of New York Fashion Week (Fall and Winter) 2018 in the United States.

As the world’s fashion week “opening act” at the beginning of the year, New York Fashion Week this year provide a variety of surprises, other than of course the fashion trends hint at the predictions will be reference throughout this year.

Unlike the winter fashion look that dominated a dark color, fashion week this time thus becoming the arena for many designers to motives of the animal print trend pass (animal print) and flashy colors.

For example, clothing Victoria Beckham designs dominated by shades of maroon. There are maroon, blue, Maroon, green and maroon. The appearance of a model wearing a coat patterned chenille jacquard leopard simply steal the attention.

New York Fashion Week 2018


Reported by The Guardian, wife of David Beckham is also to show fashion in the form of lower torso wool plus a long back zipper. Hourglass silhouette reminiscent of a fashion connoisseur collection will be the first.

Animal print motif also displayed by designer Tom Ford. The difference, with a touch more shiny, fancy, at once eccentric.

Passing the collection this time, she brings the fashion style of the era of the Decade of the 1980 ‘s. E.g., sparkling metallic suits with different colors like pink, yellow, red, green.

Marvel figures are hits, Black Panther also invaded the stage mode. Monday, February 12, 2018 (local time), the Black Panther brought a spirit of his hometown, Wakanda, to the stage of New York Fashion Week 2018.

Ten labels joined in the demonstration, titled “Black Panther: Welcome to Wakanda” in order to charity. In between there, Cushnie et Ochs Chromat, LaQuan Smith, Ikiré Jones, Sophie allet, and The TOME. They participate in designer jewelry and footwear. All proceeds will be used to support programs of Save the Children.

Walé Oyéjidé, Creative Director of the label Ikiré Jones, argued the sump and the film “the Black Panther” can be an effective medium for lifting persons of color to the big screen. Because of this, as long as they are often behind the scenes.

“The (design) stems from the beauty of Africa, with the European-style silhouette, a silk scarf from Italy, it represents the culture of Africa and Europe. And this shows that we are better together, “he said, quoted from USA Today.

Inspired By Jamaica

That is also shown on the unique Ralph Lauren fashion show, which brings the concept of buy-now. When displaying Collection, the model of running without shoes. His inspiration comes from an island in Jamaica because when the fashion show took place, the tropical and fresh atmosphere in the collection so it feels.

Reported by Harpers Bazaar, the inspiration comes from the Round Hill Hotel and villas which are the destinations of the designers Together beloved family on holiday with when. Of the total ko selected are shown relaxing impression, obviously being a red thread from Ralph Lauren design.

New York Fashion Week From 2018 To Black Panther and Claw Clip

It’s not just a fashion series “humane”, a rather indecent action also carried the designer Philipp Plein. Not enough to bring the fashion collections presented models, Philip Plein also brought the robot to pitch on the runway New York Fashion Week 2018.

Beginning with the model Irina Shayk who get off the plane and UFO open helmet, he swigs alongside the black robot. They went hand in hand.
To be sure is not a “fashion” are subject to the robot that will become a reference for the trend. Instead, what message conveyed the designer.

“Fashion show just like the happy cemetery. After working hard doing the show, and then disclose it to the public, you are equal to mourn them as you start back with must new works, “said Plein as quoted the Washington Post.

The return of the banana clip

Which also shocking from the runways of New York Fashion Week 2018 is the rebirth of “pins times first ” was popular in the Decade of the 1990 ‘s. No responsibility’s, these pins became part of the show fashion.

Designer Alexander Wang who had ever done a metamorphosis that. Her “juggling” the actual clip looks simple it becomes high fashion products by applying it to the head model that carries his newest collection.

New York Fashion Week From 2018 To Black Panther and Claw Clip

Pins are also known by the name “banana clips ” or claw clip shown Alexander Wang look silver colored. Emboss Alexander Wang decorates the handle pins.

As reported by Vogue, the fashion critic Guido Palau judge, that give an impression of the clamp. The hair can be styled but doesn’t look too neat and impressive lady-like. Moreover, coupled with the style of a fashion collection of Alexander Wang and edgy.

“I love the little things like this so note,” saidCre ative Director Redken that. Palau also predicts banana clips it would be a bestseller is purchased.

“You have to remember, a lot of women who don’t even remember what it was the banana clips. There are teenagers 18 or 17 years, they totally do not know the history of funny clips. They just thought that it was cool-temperate to wear, “said Palau, quoted from Harpers Bazaar.

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